See with your heart

April 21, 2007

We’ve had people ask us, “How can you live in the desert? It’s such a hard, cruel place.”
Our answer, “Perception is everything. Take the time to see what you’re looking at. Look into its soul. Love is everywhere if your heart is open.”
What we feel not only goes into our photography, it guides our lives as well.


We never tire of this

April 17, 2007

I think one of the things we like best about what we do is capturing these little moments when our couples are totally immersed in one another. We just shot Tabitha and Mike a few days ago and it was something to watch them together. They spent most the night laughing, enjoying family and friends, and having a great time. But when they got a few moments alone, the love they share was so obvious as the world faded away for them and they settled into each others arms.

How could we ever want to do anything else? Being a part of all this happiness is the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

i am your sanctuary.
come onto me and i will wrap you in loving arms.
i will stand by your side and hold you tight through the darkest storm.
i will care for you, cherish you,
and remain with you for all time.

I’ve been working on Lori’s wedding the last few days and I think I came to finally understand something that’s been lingering in the back of my mind for years. It has to do with the way we respond to things. In this case, images.
As we were shooting their wedding I was aware of their love as an almost tangible force around them. It was something more than the way they acted, or the things they said. It was an energy around and within them, a quiet understanding between them that spoke volumes without a word being spoken.
I think, perhaps, that’s why I’ve chosen to work so many of their images in black and white. For me, regarding photographic images at least, color tends to speak to the senses. Black and white seems to skirt around the senses and go directly to the emotions. When the color in an image is set aside, it doesn’t interfere with the inner beauty of a given captured moment.
I think that’s how their love works as well. It’s something that’s running deeper than the everyday, “color” world. Something from deep within their hearts.
It was something to experience. I can only hope our images do their love justice.

Thanks to Lori and Jeff

April 6, 2007




In addition to creating our images, one of the things we love about what we do is making people happy and the friends we make along the way.
We just photographed Lori and Jeff’s wedding a few days ago. Notes like the one she sent us which I’ve placed in this post are much appreciated. Thanks, Lori, we’ll have the rest of your images online soon…

“Hi Christy and Frank. Thank you so much for putting the photo montage together. I have watched it probably 50 times. I have sent it to many friends who were not able to make it to the wedding, as well as many of the guests who were there. People cannot stop talking about the outstanding job you did. They (and we) have never seen such beautiful photographs. I cannot tell you how much Jeff and I appreciate your creativity and talent. You have enabled us to relive this most magical night everyday for the rest of our lives.
You both were an absolute pleasure to work with. We cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. The biggest challenge for us will be narrowing down what to put in the book.
Thanks again.
Lori “






















To Love is to reach God.

Never will a Lover’s chest

feel any sorrow.

Never will a Lover’s robe

be touched by mortals.

Never will a Lover’s body

be found buried in the earth.

To Love is to reach God.



We are truly blessed to be able to devote our passion to capturing moments which are completely centered on love. Above are just a few of the images we created last week.
Our deepest thanks to our couples. Without you our art would remain buried in our hearts.


We have just begun to “blog”. From time to time we will post images or information we feel may be worth sharing.