Julie and Tom

May 30, 2008

Julie and Tom came in from Washington D.C. to have their wedding at the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix. We had a great overcast day (our favorie light) and they were great in front of our cameras. A late morning wedding, a nice lunch, and now they’re facing life together. Very sweet couple, we had a good time with them.

One of the things I really like about Christy and I shooting together is pretty obvious in these shots. Julie was walking up a staircase; Christy and I both created a few images. Same situation, same light, same everything. But, what’s great for our couples is that we both see things differently. The two staircase shots here are a great example. Same subject, two entirely different interpretations. Very fun. Shooting together, we’re able to offer our couples a much wider range of images than if we were shooting alone.


Rebecca and Noah

May 30, 2008

Rebecca and Noah are in with the group of friends in the post below. This is the wedding the baby owl dropped on I posted before. Very pretty wedding, beautiful bride, an all around great day. No wonder we love what we do for a living. Their slide show is here.

Marci and Chip

May 30, 2008

Marci and Chip were a lot of fun. We’ve now shot a total of three weddings for their group of friends. It’s been fun watching them getting married couple by couple. We’re wondering who’s next If you would like to see their entire slide show you can click here.

Christy shot a little engagement session for a couple she’s shooting in a few months. After she finished with the engagement shots she spent a few minutes shooting just Karen, the future bride. I’d say between Christy’s shooting and Karen’s looks they created some great images. If you want to see images from the entire shoot, click here. Like I said; Can my girl shoot, or what?

Wedding guest

May 12, 2008

We had a little guest drop in on the wedding we were shooting last Saturday. Very cute little guy. We called Wildlife Rescue and they came out to make sure he was okay. “Mom” was up in a tree nearby watching over the little guy. So, happy ending, everything is fine for this little Great Horned Owl.

Christy shot a beautiful wedding in April. She said it was a magical day for a beautiful couple. If you would like to see the entire web show, click here.

We shot a great couple at the Arizona Inn in Tucson, AZ a couple days ago. These guys were one of the most fun loving couples I can remember. Just wanted to wish them the best. Have a great honeymoon guys!! If you would like to see their slideshow, click here.