Just had to post a couple shots from yesterday. Shannon was amazing in front of the camera. If you’d like to see their entire slide show, click here.


Nothing to do with work, but it’s a cute story. Christy rescued this little guy/girl (how the heck to you tell?) about 3 weeks ago. It was just a little runt at the time, sitting in our backyard. She’s been feeding it by hand and being the “mom”. Now, when Christy let’s it out of it’s cage it flies around and comes back to land on Christy’s head or hand. It’s pretty cute to watch.

But, she’s growing up (the bird, not Christy) and pretty soon we know she’ll fly off to join her own world. Chalk up one more good deed for Christy. She’s always finding some lost doomed animal to rescue. Heck, that’s how she ended up with me!

I actually shot this little one a while back. I happened upon her shots in my computer and had to put her up here. Is she cute, or what?

We had a fun little portrait session today with Shannon, our upcoming bride on August 21st, and her Grandmother, Gayle. Shannon’s so darn cute, and Gayle was so darn much fun I just had to post them here. Personally, I think Gayle and I have the gang hand thing down, yo. The 21st is gonna be a blast!