Monica and Brian at Arizona Inn April 9th

Monica & Brian Wedding

Beautiful window light , always, at the Arizona Inn.

Monica & Brian Wedding

The ” First look”…almost there!

Monica & Brian Wedding

I love the arbor there.

Monica & Brian Wedding

Brian waiting for Monica to enter. It was quite clear and very bright that day, and he gamely gave me this lovely image.

Monica & Brian Wedding

The gorgeous bride and her wonderful son, Diego. Right before the “Processional”.

Monica & Brian Wedding

We have so many lovely ceremony images but I love the backlight( always!)for this one. Magical!Monica & Brian Wedding

Such a gorgeous shot. I was able to access a few different angles and am so happy to have done so. The Binding Cord.

Monica & Brian Wedding


Monica & Brian Wedding

With the fabulous mariachi’s serenading, as was planned.

Monica & Brian Wedding

We were able to turn right back around and get this shot at the ceremony site end. Guests soon followed the mariachi’s on to cocktail while we  captured a few formal portraits.

Monica & Brian WeddingMonica & Brian Wedding

Congratulations to a most wonderful new couple!


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